2018 Impact Report

Find the Mariposas Mexico Impact Report for 2018 here.


Check out Peace Corps’ new blog post featuring Mariposas: Mujeres Cambiando el Mundo! Below you can read a blurb from the article and if you want to check out the entire piece, click here.

In 2012, in the small mountain communities of Atzitzintla and Texmalaquilla, a Peace Corps Volunteer decided to reach out to the young women in her community with the intentions of forming a camp. Four years later that intention has led her and her team of dedicated friends to organize 4 camps, connect with 6 rural Mexican communities, touch the lives of over 108 teenage girls, and financially and emotionally support 7 young women in their quest for a college education. This swirl of direct action and positive motivation is known as Mariposas: Mujeres Cambiando el Mundo.” 

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To read more about the incredible work these women are doing, visit the blog here: http://passport.peacecorps.gov/2016/03/29/mariposa-continuing-to-serve-her-community-after-service/

Butterflyer Update

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