Mariposas Scholarships

Well, we could not just fill these young women up with dreams and not have a way to make them come true. Our scholarship program does just that. It not only provides an education, but it also allows for the girls to help support their families. With these scholarships the girls become positive role models in their communities by showing other young women that getting an education is possible. ¡Si se puede!

As part of the commitment to receiving a scholarship, the young women must to plan and implement a community project that advances the mission of Mariposas and strengthens their community. They also need to maintain a 7 out of 10 overall GPA.

Get to know our scholarship recipients!

Mariposa 2015 Recipients


Citlally is from the community of Atzitzinta and is studies dental medicine at a local university, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. Her goal is to finish college and practice as a dentist in a government hospital. Her greatest desire is with the income she earns working she would like return back to her community and open her own practice to help other in need maintain good oral hygiene. She like traveling and meeting new people and wants to continue to help her family. Citlally sends her gratitude to those who have supported her in making her goals attainable!

Mariposa 2014 Recipients


Guadalupe hails from the community of Atzitzinta and is currently studying Administration and Project Evaluation at the Universidad Tecnológica de Tecamachalco. While Guadalupe has many hopes and dreams, her biggest is to finish school so that she can support her brothers and sisters and ensure that they too get an education. She would also like to travel to the United States, a dream she’s had ever since she was 11 years old. Upon graduation, Guadalupe would like to work for the Agricultural Ministry so that she can help rural communities like her own. She would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all that have helped her achieve her goals!


Esmeralda is from the community Atzitzintla and is one of nine brothers and sisters! She is currently studying physical therapy in the Universidad Politécnica de Amozoc. She chose this profession because she hopes to help rehabilitate people, allowing them to achieve movement and with that, happiness in their lives. She also adds that no one in her community knows much about physical therapy and the numerous benefits it can bring. She wishes to help the people in her community better their lives and their health. Esmeralda would also like to send out a very large Gracias to all of the Mariposa donors who are enabling her to continue her education!

Mariposa 2013 Recipients


Berenice or, “Bere,” was a star student in high school with a perfect 10 out of 10 GPA. She is currently studying Business Administration at the Universidad de Puebla. She hopes to use her education to help her family and her community achieve a better quality of life. Ever the perfectionist, she also strives to maintain her perfect GPA throughout college and graduate at the top of her class. Already, she has proven to be a role model in her family. Bere attended the first annual Camp Mariposas, and the next year her younger twin sisters followed in her footsteps. They hope to continue following her all the way to university.


Patricia is a happy, outgoing yet very studious young woman with a 9.7 out of 10 GPA. She is currently studying accounting and manufacturing at the Universidad Tecnológica de Tecamachalco. Were it not for this scholarship, college would have been out of reach for Patricia. Her father passed away when she was twelve and since then her mother has had to raise her an her five brothers on her own. Once she graduates college, Patricia hopes to find a job that allows her to support her family. She also hopes her education will grant her independence. In her application for the scholarship she wrote, “I don’t want to be someone who is dependent on other people, like a husband, as is so common in our town. I don’t want that for my future.”