Environmental Service Adventures

The objective of the Environmental Service Adventures program is to foster global citizenship, positively contribute to the local community, and develop a deeper understanding of the world’s environmental issues in areas outside of their communities. Environmental Service Adventures is a 10-day program in Mexico offered to previous Club and Camp participants of Mariposas who are actively participating in community outreach activities and meet the academic requirements.The program integrates three guiding principles: Community Service, Environmental Education, and Adventure.


Serve alongside the local residents and organizations through projects established by the needs of the community. Learn effective intercultural communication skills while promoting team building cooperation. Projects may include providing educational activities for children and helping with environmental conservation outreach. Through service work, participants will develop meaningful relationships with local people and make a significant impact.


Through hands-on learning we are able to learn and connect to the community’s culture, art, and history. This creates opportunity to discover new passions and develop leadership skills, furthering our understanding and role in the world. Participants will learn the history of the area through guided tours of the ancient pyramids. They will connect with the local people, taste delicious exotic foods, and discuss current social and environmental issues in Mexico.

The trip is not complete without adventure. Mexico is a vast country with many treasures to explore. This presents itself as an opportunity to learn and grow through the physical and emotional challenges faced. Imagine exploring the ruins of Tulum, zip lining through the pristine rainforests, or swimming with tropical fishes. Participants will also have free time to get involved with impromptu sports games, indulge in watersports, or dance the night away with other students.

2016 was our first annual Environmental Service Adventures which hosted 8 young women from Puebla, Mexico to participate in a learning trip of a lifetime. The program took place in Akumal, Mexico and we were honored to collaborate for our program activities with international organizations, SheJumps and Espistudio, as well as local organization Centro Ecológico Akumal and Hekab Be Biblioteca. During the 10-day program the girls were able to immerse themselves in the environmental conservation movements in Mexico, as well as build professional and leadership skills, and self-confidence.

Watch as 2016 participants embark on new meaningful adventures!